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11 Aug 2021

How Often Should I be Servicing My Aircon?

In hot and humid Singapore, where everyone turns on the air conditioner almost every day, an aircon is considered a life-saving appliance. Despite its frequent use, the aircon is the most neglected appliance in our homes even though it should be serviced on a regular basis. How frequently do you turn on your air conditioner, and do you service it regularly to ensure peak performance?

Why Do We Need To Service Our Aircon?

Apart from keeping us cool in the sweltering heat and glaring sun, our aircon reduces humidity levels in our homes to keep us from feeling all sweaty and sticky. Due to advances in technology, our aircon also provides clean air by filtering out harmful pollutants such as smoke particles, mites, and even odours. 

Getting an aircon cleaning service to assist with the maintenance and servicing of your aircon unit ensures that your aircon functions are at its peak whenever you need them. It improves the overall efficiency of your aircon, helps you save money on energy bills and even ensures that you get clean and fresh air from the aircon. Resolving any potential minor problems through regular servicing can also prevent bigger issues from occurring.

It is said that your aircon loses 5% of its efficiency for every year of operation without aircon servicing. When your aircon loses its efficiency, it needs to work harder to cool your room, resulting in higher energy consumption and higher energy bills. However, even if you haven’t serviced your aircon in a long time, do not fret. With regular maintenance, you can recover about 95% of your aircon’s efficiency. 

How Often Should You Service Your Aircon?

According to experts, even if your aircon is in good working order, it should be serviced and cleaned once every three months. This will ensure that it runs at maximum efficiency. 

However, the frequency of maintenance and cleaning is also determined by how frequently you use your aircon. If you only use your aircon once every few months, you can reduce the frequency of aircon cleaning to once every 6 months to a year. If you turn it on every two to three weeks, you can either stick to servicing every three months or every six months.

What Are Some Key Aircon Services?

There are a few aircon services you can choose from depending on what service you require. A general aircon cleaning service typically includes the removal and cleaning of the aircon unit’s cover, front panel and air filter. Sometimes, this service may also include vacuuming the drainage system to remove foreign particles that could impair the performance of the aircon.

If you haven’t had your aircon serviced in a while, or if it’s showing signs of faultiness or inefficiency, you can opt for a chemical wash or chemical overhaul to thoroughly clean all of your aircon’s parts and restore it to full functionality.

The weather in Singapore has been rather unforgiving and unbearable in recent months, triggering the need to constantly switch on the aircon at home. If this is you and you have yet to schedule an aircon cleaning service, we advise you to do so soon. Contact us today for aircon cleaning and maintenance services in Singapore.