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Aircon Services in Singapore

Summer is fast approaching in Singapore, which means higher outdoor temperatures and relatively high humidity. Citizens are using their household air conditioners to stay relaxed and comfortable more than ever. However, if the air conditioner isn’t operating fine, it may cause more than just irritation. Ignoring regular aircon servicing maintenance will result in expensive repairs and replacement. You can avoid this situation by maintaining the air conditioner in good working order.

Replacing an air conditioner can be costly, particularly if you have to do so every few years. Maintaining the machinery correctly extends its life. Many A/C upgrades, according to aircon servicing experts, should have been stopped with routine maintenance.

Why Choose Our Services

A reliable provider of aircon services in Singapore can save you from extra expenses and discomfort. Here at Yong He Aircon, we are always keeping in mind that our clients are rooting to have the best aircon servicing in Singapore. Thus, we offer various aircon services from general maintenance to emergency aircon repair in Singapore. All of these services are of course come with affordable prices.

Yong He’s commitment lies in providing the best air conditioning services in Singapore so that our clients can relax comfortably inside their own homes while the air conditioner is running smoothly and efficiently.


We understand that your air conditioning unit is not a very cheap investment. In fact, being in the aircon servicing industry in Singapore for many years had taught us that often, it is more convenient to get aircon servicing regularly than buy a replacement every two to three years. Thus, we recommend to our customers to consider getting your air conditioner serviced at least twice a year for a longer lifespan.


Find the regular aircon servicing in Singapore quite expensive? We totally got you with this. Having your AC serviced every few months can actually be costly in the long run. That is why we at Yong He Aircon offers the option for the yearly contract of AC servicing in Singapore. This is the cheap way to get your air conditioner its needed maintenance.



Since one of the functions of an air conditioner is to filter the air of dust, debris, allergen and other bacteria, intensive cleaning is always recommended. At Yong He Aircon, we offer the best aircon chemical cleaning services in the forms of aircon chemical wash and aircon chemical overhaul for varying purposes.


Air conditioning emergencies happen because of issues within the unit that was left unchecked or unattended. These emergencies can lead to more problems such as electric fire, ice buildup and total malfunction of the unit. Thus, we offer checking and troubleshooting services to ensure that your AC will always run efficiently.

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