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General Aircon Servicing in Singapore

Your air conditioning unit is a very helpful appliance inside your home. It cools the indoors during the summer months and it keeps the level of humidity to a bearable degree. Using an air conditioner can also promote comfortable sleep and relieve stress.

However, as convenient as it is, your air conditioning unit needs constant maintenance. In order to function properly and last for many years, your air conditioner must be subjected to the necessary AC servicing in Singapore. This includes cleaning, assessment, and preventive maintenance.

Aircon Servicing Price in Singapore

Although having an air conditioner can provide convenience to us, it comes with a handful of tasks that need to be done to ensure the constant quality of performance. Thus, AC servicing is important to get the most out of your investment in an air conditioner.

Finding a company that offers aircon services for a low price is also beneficial to your family. This is where we can give you a hand! We keep our AC servicing price as affordable for you as possible.

Air Conditioner Units

One-Time Service Price

1 Fancoils (c/w Condenser)


2 Fancoils (c/w Condenser)


3 Fancoils (c/w Condenser)


4 Fancoils (c/w Condenser)


5 Fancoils (c/w Condenser)


6 Fancoils (c/w Condenser)


Scope of Work:

    • Clean & check air filter, front panel & cover
    • Check deodorising and purifying filter
    • Clean & check indoor evaporator coil
    • Clean & check indoor drainage tray (Wall mount fancoil)
    • Vacuuming of drainage pan (Ceiling mount fancoil)
    • Vacuuming of drainage system
    • Brush & check outdoor condenser coil
    • Check fan bearing and lubricate (if necessary)
    • Check compressor suction and discharge pressure
    • Tightening of electrical contacts

*Above scope not applicable for ducted fancoil


Did you know that most air conditioners can last up to 10-15 years? But with poor maintenance, your air conditioner may malfunction as early as five years from the installation date. This is why you must consider having regular AC servicing. Here are some other benefits you should know about:

  • Clear water leak problem
  • Prevention of system breakdown
  • Cleaner & healthier air
  • Improve efficiency


  • 90 days on service workmanship (on scope of service only).
  • Terms & Conditions of Service and Maintenance applies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are using your air conditioner often, it is ideal to get your air conditioner cleaned once every 2-3 months. Cleaning your air conditioner regularly can help save energy and rid of bacteria and germs.

The tell-tale signs that your air conditioner needs cleaning are high energy bills, foul odour from the unit, water leaks, and poor cooling performance.

Cleaning and testing are parts of air conditioner maintenance. The AC technician will thoroughly clean the device, including the filters and coils. Check the inner portion of the device for the thermostat and other potential problems is also part of the maintenance.

Some aircon servicing like changing and cleaning the filters can be done at home. However, to ensure quality cleaning and maintenance, you should entrust the task to a qualified AC technician in Singapore.

The rates of air condition servicing in Singapore depend on the brand, type of service needed, and whether there’s a need for repair outside the aircon servicing.

Air conditioner repair includes cleaning and inspection. The AC technician will clean the equipment properly, including the filters and coils. Checking the inside of the system for the thermostat and other future issues is also part of the maintenance.