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Aircon Repair Service in Singapore

Air conditioner repair and maintenance in Singapore is a sure method for extending the life of your air conditioner. It’s still the most effective way to get the most out of any air conditioning system. The more effectively your air conditioner runs, the less money you’ll spend on electricity and the more enjoyable your indoor atmosphere will be. Thus, you will have to invest in aircon repair in Singapore from time to time.

Other times, AC repair in Singapore will prove to be a more practical way to resolve a problem with your air conditioner. When we thought of buying a new one as a replacement for a malfunctioning air conditioner, that is not an economically wise decision. It is, of course, considering that your current air conditioner can do with minor aircon repair service in Singapore.

Aircon Repair Service Cost in Singapore

There are several aircon repair service companies in Singapore that have varying services and pricing based on their name, scale, and whether or not they are running a sale. Some other factors such as how old are your AC, the air conditioner model, and the severity of the AC problems may also affect the price of the aircon repair service in Singapore. The cost can also be determined by the number of units cleaned and the depth of the air conditioning cleaning repair. Air conditioning cleaning services may be hired on a one-time arrangement or on a fixed contracted servicing basis.

Checking of Aircon System Price $50

(Price inclusive of transportation and checking charges)

(Charges will be waived upon confirmation of repair job)


Scope of Work:

  • Troubleshooting of faults in air conditioning system
  • Prepare service report on fault(s) found and recommended repair action(s)
  • Prepare appropriate quotation on repair parts required
  • Explain and educate customer on finding and recommendation


  • 90 days for part(s) replaced

Other Aircon Service


As your dependable emergency aircon repair company in Singapore, Yong He Aircon is committed to ensuring that your AC will have its general aircon repair and servicing needs such as assembly, general checking of performance and maintenance work to ensure a longer lifespan and quality cooled air that is free of germs, clean and safe.



Running an air conditioning unit in your house or workplace can be both convenient and costly. This is something we’ve discovered as an aircon repair service provider in Singapore. Therefore, we give our clients the alternative of signing an annual contract for air conditioning services, which is a more cost-effective method of getting air conditioning service.


All at the same time, your air conditioner functions as a cooling system, a heating system, and an air cleaner. Dirt piles up on the tubing as the air conditioning unit filters the indoor air. Our efficient and low-cost aircon repair services in Singapore solves this issue.

Need an emergency aircon repair service? See our contact page for 24 hours customer support!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The duration of air conditioner repair varies depending on the nature of the repair. For inquiries with our repair services, please reach us through our contact page and we will gladly assist you with your questions.

It is advisable not to try fixing a malfunctioning air conditioner on your own to avoid the risk of electrocution and electric fire. We recommend getting the service of a qualified AC technician in Singapore for aircon repair.

There are many factors that may cause your aircon to stop working. Dirt buildup, clogged filters, water leaks, and problems with wirings are the typical causes of AC malfunction.

The rate for fixing an air conditioner depends on the problems of the unit. Sometimes, the high cost of repair can be rooted in parts replacement. Talk to us today and get a quotation for your aircon repair.

Aircon leak is a common problem of air conditioners. However, there are various reasons for aircon leakage. For better pricing, kindly request a quotation so we can properly estimate the cost of the repair.

Air conditioning emergencies include electric fire due to short circuit, frozen coils, sudden malfunctioning of the unit, and grounded wirings. If you encounter such emergencies, call an AC technician immediately.