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06 May 2022

Facing Aircon Problems? Here’s How To Fix Common Aircon Issues

There are many appliances we can easily troubleshoot on our own at home, but some, such as the air conditioner, is complicated and we can never seem to understand how it works. There are numerous components in an aircon, and every minor issue it faces can lead to a variety of problems that require a call to an aircon repair service. Before you start panicking about the potential loss of cool air for the next few days, we’ve compiled a list of common issues and possible solutions for you below. 

1.Bad odour in airflow

If the airflow from your aircon doesn’t smell good, it is a sign of something wrong. A strong odour can be caused by a few issues. Firstly, if it is a pungent and musty smell, it could be caused by mould growth, which occurs when dirt, debris and moisture are allowed to accumulate. If you haven’t turned on your aircon in a while and notice a rotten smell coming from it when you finally turn it on, it could indicate that insects have gotten into your system and died there. These issues can be fixed by thoroughly cleaning your aircon with warm soapy water, simply scrub the inside surfaces with a brush and wash your air filter. Otherwise, you can call for aircon services to have a qualified technician assist you with the servicing. 

A fire-like odour could indicate that some electrical components are burning inside your aircon system. If you smell gas coming from the aircon, it could be a sign of Methyl Mercaptan leakage, which is dangerous. For these issues, we advise you to call for a professional aircon repair team to have it handled safely for you. 

2. Aircon isn’t cooling the room

Aircon isn’t cooling the room aircon repair services in Singapore

If your aircon isn’t cooling your room as quickly as it used to, or if it doesn’t cool your room at all, it could be due to a number of reasons. This issue can be caused by a dirty air filter, a faulty blower motor, leaking ducts, vent blockage, or low refrigerant levels.

Aircon units that have been in service for years and have not been properly maintained on a regular basis can also cause poor airflow and energy inefficiency, requiring your aircon to work even harder to cool the room than it used to. This can also result in high monthly energy bills.

If you notice this problem, it is best to contact an aircon repair company so that the aircon service team can assist you in determining the exact problem and resolving it.

3. Noisy Aircon

If you hear strange and loud noises coming from your aircon unit, then it definitely indicates a problem. Your aircon will produce different noises depending on what problem it is. 

  • A grinding sound indicates a compressor or motor failure
  • A clicking sound indicates an obstruction in the aircon fan or a capacitor issue
  • A bubbling noise is due to a refrigerant leak or excess moisture in your aircon unit

If the issue is minor, such as excess moisture in the unit, you can always attempt to resolve it yourself. Simply clean the aircon and try to select higher fan settings to get the cool air out of the unit whenever you turn it on, this helps to prevent moisture from getting trapped in your unit. If it is a larger issue related to the complicated components of the aircon unit, we recommend contacting an aircon repair team. 

4. Leaking Indoor Unit

If your aircon is leaking, it could be due to a clogged drainage system or a broken condensate pump. If your drainage system is not serviced on a regular basis, the dirt and debris that becomes lodged in it can cause a slew of issues, one of which is leakage. Try cleaning your drainage system yourself to see if it helps with the leaking. 

To clean your drainage system, you need to first switch it off, locate your drain line and flush it with distilled vinegar. You may have to brush the drain line to get rid of the clog. If cleaning it does not help, call for aircon repair and let the professionals assist you in resolving the issue properly.

When there are issues with your aircon, the easiest way out is to call for aircon repair so that you can have your aircon professionally repaired and serviced. Trying to troubleshoot problems yourself may save you some money if you understand how the aircon works. However, any wrong move can cost you more money and may even result in having to get your entire unit replaced. 

Yong He Aircon is a reliable aircon servicing company in Singapore that offers both routine aircon maintenance and emergency repair services. Get in touch with us today for more assistance