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13 Dec 2021

Improve Your Aircon’s Efficiency With These Tips

The aircon helps to keep us comfortable and cool all day. Find out what aircon maintenance works are required to help improve the efficiency of our aircon.

The aircon is a trusty home appliance in many Singapore households, which keeps us cool even on the hottest and sunniest days. Its efficiency in cooling our homes for our comfort is the reason we turn on the aircon several times a week, making it the appliance that contributes most to our monthly electricity bills.

If your aircon loses its efficiency due to poor maintenance or accumulated dirt, it can consume even more electricity in the future just to slightly cool our homes. How do you keep your aircon running smoothly all year round? Here are some tips for increasing the efficiency of our aircon and saving money. 

1.Maintain your compressors

The aircon compressor is housed within the outdoor unit. It is an essential component of your aircon and has an influence on your aircon efficiency as it circulates the refrigerant required during the heat exchange process, converting warm air to cool air. 

It is critical to inspect the compressor on a regular basis to ensure that the refrigerant is not leaking and interfering with the compressor’s ability to cool air. You should also make sure that there isn’t any dust, grime, leaves, or branches that are stuck in the compressor, causing it to lose efficiency.

When you hire an aircon cleaning service, the aircon maintenance team will usually assist you in performing these checks to ensure that your compressor is in good working condition.

2. Clean your filters

Aircon filters are used to remove solid contaminants such as smoke, pollen, dust, grease, and pollen from your home’s air to ensure better air quality. A clogged aircon filter not only does not help to maintain optimal air quality, but it also reduces airflow. This will make your aircon work even harder to produce cool air. When your aircon has to work harder, it consumes more energy, resulting in inefficiency and higher electricity bills.

If it has been months since you had your aircon professionally cleaned, we recommend that you contact an aircon maintenance service to come help thoroughly clean your aircon. 

3. Keep vents & drain lines unblocked and cleaned

Vents help to maintain consistent airflow from your aircon system, while drain lines help to drain water away from your aircon. When these parts of your aircon become clogged and dirty, they can result in poor air quality, deterioration of your aircon and inefficiency. 

Vacuuming dust and debris away from vents on a regular basis can help you save a lot of money and energy. To remove dirt and grime from your drain lines, you should wash them with water or flush them with appropriate cleaning solutions on a regular basis.

4. Window films to keep heat out

While your aircon is working to cool your room, heat from the sun entering your home can warm up the interior, causing your aircon to work even harder to maintain a certain temperature. 

To avoid this issue, installing window films that can help to block radiant heat flow are excellent ways to keep the heat out of your home. By applying the film to your window, you can prevent your aircon from working even harder, thus lowering your monthly electricity bill. 

Keeping your air conditioner clean and efficient is a difficult task. Aside from the few things we’ve mentioned, there are other parts of your aircon that can cause problems and even reduce the efficiency of it if they aren’t serviced on a regular basis. This is why aircon maintenance is extremely crucial and you should engage an aircon cleaning service for regular AC servicing to ensure optimal performance.

Yong He Aircon is an AC servicing company in Singapore that offers aircon maintenance and aircon cleaning services for residential and commercial spaces. Contact us today for more information about our services.