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06 Jan 2022

5 Easy Steps To Prolong Your Aircon’s Lifespan

The hot and sunny weather in Singapore makes air conditioning units an essential appliance in every Singaporean household, with Singapore being one of the Asian countries with the highest percentages of aircon users. 

The aircon is such an important appliance that when it breaks down or fails to function efficiently, we panic and rush to get it repaired so that we can enjoy the cool air again. If the aircon is so important to us, it should be well maintained from the moment it is installed in your home, not allowed to deteriorate and only repaired when it is damaged beyond repair.

To help you avoid situations where you have to live without your aircon for a few days while it is being repaired, here are some simple steps to take to prolong the life and efficiency of your air conditioning unit.

1. Don’t adjust the thermostat too frequently

Repeatedly adjusting the thermostat to change the temperature can adversely impact your air conditioner’s performance and condition, resulting in damages, failures, and breakdowns. It can cause stress on your aircon and result in having to pay for aircon repairs.

The best way to manage your room’s temperature is to set your aircon to a temperature that will keep you comfortable throughout the day, such as 25°C. It doesn’t have to be too cold or too warm.

2. Don’t switch the aircon on and off too frequently

Keeping the temperature at a comfortable level also ensures that you avoid having to turn on and off the aircon too frequently. Have you ever switched on the aircon because you’re feeling hot, only to switch it off 15 minutes later because it’s getting too cold? This can put a lot of strain on the unit, causing the fan and compressor to wear out quickly. 

By switching on your aircon during the day and off at night, you can help to keep it in good working condition while saving energy. This is because repeatedly switching it on and off forces your aircon to work harder each time to cool the room.

3. Use a fan concurrently

A fan can support the operation of your aircon unit and help you save a lot of money on your monthly energy bills and aircon repairs because it can cool your room even if you are not using your aircon’s maximum power. 

A ceiling fan will work best with your aircon because it can help to blow the cold air down to you, as opposed to a standing fan, which may not be as effective. When your aircon does not have to work extra hard to keep your room cool, it can last longer and require fewer AC repairs. 

4. Regular maintenance

To operate at peak efficiency, your aircon requires regular cleaning, filter replacement, tune-ups and servicing checks to ensure that it is in good working order. If you schedule maintenance for your aircon on a regular basis, you will not have to worry about sudden emergency aircon repairs. 

5. Do not leave your aircon running 24/7

Every appliance has its limits, and running them for the entire day can be harmful to them, possibly requiring aircon repairs after a while. No matter how hot the weather is, you should always allow your aircon to rest. 

Instead of leaving the aircon switched on for the entire day, leave it on only until before you head to bed so that your room stays cool for a while before you drift off to sleep. As temperatures are lower at night, you can even make do with a fan. 

Many of us will struggle to get through our daily activities comfortable if we didn’t have an air conditioner. Taking care of it will help to ensure that you do not incur additional costs for aircon repairs or spend days in the heat waiting for it to work again. 

Yong He Aircon is an aircon servicing company that offers air conditioner repair services in Singapore. If you’re experiencing problems with your air conditioning unit, please contact us immediately.