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14 Mar 2022

Maintain Your Office Aircon With These Simple Tips

Unlike home air conditioning systems, air conditioning units in commercial spaces, such as offices, are more prone to dirt and dust due to the constant movement of people, as well as a large amount of furniture and documents. These air conditioning units are difficult to maintain and require a lot more attention.

We understand that as a busy professional, you are unable to care for and maintain your office’s air conditioning units on your own and would rather leave them to an aircon servicing company. However, there are a few simple things you can do to keep your air conditioner in excellent shape.

1.Refrain from Tampering with AC Systems

There are many things we can do with our aircon systems, such as changing the temperature, fan speed, and turning them on and off. Spending long hours in an air-conditioned environment may be unbearable for some of your employees, leading to them frequently tampering with the settings to suit their needs. However, constantly adjusting the temperature or turning the aircon on and off several times a day can cause your aircon to degrade even faster. 

To prevent this from happening, companies can set their air conditioning to a temperature of 24°C to 26°C and deny any employees access to the air conditioning settings. Your air conditioner’s operational hours can also be programmed so that it only turns on and off at specific times. For example, you could program it to turn on at 8.30 a.m. and off at 7 p.m. every day.

2. Don’t Crowd AC Systems

Despite the fact that they are cooling devices, our aircon generate a lot of heat. The condenser, compressor, and indoor units should not be covered or blocked by anything as this prevent them from efficiently dissipating heat. If the condenser and compressor are installed outside, make sure they are sheltered from the sun, as it can cause damage and prevent proper cooling.

When these units become overheated and are unable to dissipate heat, their operating efficiency suffers, resulting in higher energy consumption. Your air conditioning systems will also have to work harder to keep the office cool, causing them to deteriorate faster.

3. Schedule Regular Servicing

Skipping regular aircon servicing and waiting for something serious to happen can be a costly mistake. Our air conditioners suffer from natural wear and tear and require regular cleaning and maintenance to function properly. When compared to emergency aircon repairs, scheduling regular aircon servicing can save your company more money in the long run.

Depending on the state of your aircon, it may require chemical cleaning or general servicing. Investing a small amount every few months to have your air conditioner professionally maintained by an aircon servicing company will save you a significant amount of money, even lowering your monthly energy bill. The lifespan of the unit may also be extended.

4. Keep Doors & Windows Closed

While your aircon unit is working hard to keep the office cool, leaving the doors and windows open can cause the interior to heat up, forcing your aircon to work even harder to cool the room again. This is inefficient and accelerates the deterioration of your aircon. As a result, your monthly energy bills will rise.

While you cannot prevent people from entering and exiting the office, you can prevent your employees from leaving doors and windows open. This simple rule can help your air conditioner last longer.

These are just a few simple things you can do to keep your office aircon running smoothly even if you’re a busy professional trying to run your business. Aside from these small habits, hiring an aircon servicing company to come in and maintain your air conditioner on a regular basis can help ensure that it is always running at peak efficiency.

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