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27 May 2022

5 Benefits of Good Indoor Air Quality

Staying indoors all day does not necessarily protect you from pollutants that are harmful to the human body. Did you know that indoor air can also be dangerous to your respiratory health? Aside from the pollutants and particulate matter that enter your home from the outside, many things inside your home can have an impact on indoor air quality, including your aircon unit.

If you haven’t been cleaning your aircon, the dirt and grime that has accumulated in various parts of your aircon can directly affect your indoor air quality and cause problems for your respiratory system. This is why it is vital to hire an aircon cleaning service on a regular basis to maintain and service your aircon.

What are the benefits of good indoor air quality? Read on to learn more. 

1.Easy Breathing

Breathing in pollutants and particulate matter can irritate your airways and cause a slew of respiratory problems such as shortness of breath, coughing, wheezing, asthma episodes, and other life-threatening problems. Even the slightest amount of indoor pollutants can negatively affect our overall health. Your aircon can be one of the causes of poor air quality because every dirty part will contribute to contaminating the air. Hence, regular aircon maintenance and cleaning services are essential to help ensure that your aircon isn’t blowing out contaminated air for you to breathe. When your aircon is clean, you get fresher air and an easier time breathing.

2. Prevent Allergic Reaction

Aircon maintenance in Singapore person sneezing at home

Airborne pollutants can cause allergic reactions in some people, which may lead to serious health problems. Aside from frequent cleaning and maintaining the cleanliness of your home, it is important to keep your aircon clean to keep allergens out of your surroundings. Good indoor air quality means your air is free of pollutants that can cause allergic reactions. 

3. Reduced Energy Cost

The things you do to maintain optimal air quality can all help to optimise your aircon cooling system and ensure that it does not work too hard to keep your home cool and clean. Improving airflow through regular aircon cleaning increases its efficiency and reduces energy consumption, thus lowering your monthly energy bills. 

4. Better Sleep

Aircon maintenance in Singapore person sleeping comfortably

Poor indoor air quality can affect your sleep quality – airborne pollutants can cause allergy symptoms such as nasal congestion to flare up while you’re trying to sleep. When exposed to these triggers for extended periods of time at night, you’ll find it difficult to get proper rest. 

5. Reduced Odour

Odours coming from places like your cat’s litter box or the food you cooked cannot be easily removed. You will need ample ventilation in order for bad smells to be eliminated. When you keep every part of your home clean and regularly maintain your aircon with an aircon cleaning service, you can uphold a high level of cleanliness free of any odour at home, which will only contribute positively to your quality of life.

As you may know, aircon maintenance is one of the most basic steps toward achieving better indoor air quality. It serves as a cooling appliance and an alternative way to filter pollutants out of your home. 

Yong He Aircon is an aircon cleaning company in Singapore offering excellent maintenance and cleaning services to help make your indoor space a comfortable place. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.