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20 May 2022

What is Aircon Chemical Wash? Is Servicing Not Enough?

We’re all aware of the importance of keeping our air conditioners in good working order by cleaning them on a regular basis, but cleaning alone will not extend the life of our aircons. Aside from the regular cleaning services we provide, there are more thorough cleaning options available, such as aircon chemical cleaning, which provides a chemical wash to aid in maintaining cleanliness in your aircon parts. What exactly is an aircon chemical wash, and why is it important?

What is Aircon Chemical Wash?

An aircon chemical wash is a process that involves disassembling certain parts of the aircon and either soaking or flushing them with a chemical solution to remove sticky debris and acids. Your aircon technician will usually suggest getting an aircon chemical wash done when your aircon is not blowing our cold air or if it’s taking a ridiculously long time to cool your room even after regular cleaning. 

Is Aircon Chemical Cleaning Necessary? 

Aircon chemical cleaning removes unwanted particles that may cause damage to your aircon yet cannot be cleaned away with normal cleaning services. If you have never had your aircon serviced, a chemical wash should be done once every three to six months, and if you religiously get a servicing team to clean your aircon, you can reduce the frequency of the chemical wash to once every one to two years.

Although a chemical wash extends the life of your aircon, too many washes can damage the internal components. Hence, consult an aircon servicing technician first and only hire a team of professionals for this job because it requires the necessary expertise and equipment. 

Why is Aircon Chemical Cleaning Important?

1.Better Air Quality

Aircon chemical cleaning in Singapore someone breathing in fresh air at home

Poor indoor air quality can be caused by dirty aircon components – aside from the air filters, other parts such as the ducts, fan blower, and many others can all have an impact on indoor air quality when they are dirty. When these parts are thoroughly cleaned with an aircon chemical wash, your air quality will improve and your family can avoid developing respiratory or health problems.

2. Maintain Good Working Conditions

During a chemical cleaning process, the technicians will provide troubleshooting services to identify any potential problems in your aircon. Regular maintenance and chemical washing thus help to keep your aircon unit free from possible malfunctions caused by accumulated dirt or damaged parts, ensuring good working conditions in the long run. 

3. Enhance Performance and Efficiency

Dirt and grime in your aircon will affect its overall performance, resulting in poor efficiency and high energy consumption, both of which can be avoided if your aircon is properly maintained. When impurities are removed from your aircon through chemical cleaning, it will be able to cool your room faster and more efficiently while using less energy. This improved performance saves you money on your electricity bills and keeps your aircon from deteriorating too quickly.

Aircon Chemical Wash Price

The cost of an aircon chemical wash depends on the model of your aircon, its BTU capacity, and the number of units you have. Aircon chemical wash prices typically range between $120 and $180.

An aircon chemical wash is required to keep your aircon free of substances that can damage the unit or harm your respiratory health. You should consider getting a chemical wash done to ensure that your air conditioner runs efficiently for a long time.

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