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Aircon Chemical Wash In Singapore

When an optimally operating system is considered, the importance of routine service and repair of air conditioning (AC) systems is emphasized. Among such routine services is aircon chemical cleaning in Singapore and here’s what you need to know about it.

An aircon chemical wash is a solution that has been specially designed to restore an AC unit’s optimum working capacity. The detergent will dissolve all of the stubborn soil, grease, and dust that has gathered in the environment and will destroy 99.9% of the bacteria that has been stuck. This makes aircon chemical wash in Singapore, ideal maintenance for home and office air conditioners.

Aircon Chemical Overhaul In Singapore

If your air conditioner is serviced three to four times a year by an AC servicing company in Singapore, a chemical wash can suffice. However, if a unit has not been serviced in many years, an upgrade is recommended. Also if the air conditioner is in full operating order and there have been no complications, dust, debris, and germs are likely to get stuck inside the device.

An overhaul involves entirely disassembling the Fan Coil Unit and thoroughly cleaning it so that all the dirtiest areas of the unit are washed and sanitized, providing intensive cleaning.

Aircon Chemical Wash And Overhaul Price In Singapore

An aircon chemical wash in Singapore entails a skilled mechanic disassembling the air conditioner so that he or she can better disinfect the coils, air filters, and water trays with a chemical solution. Any of the advantages of using the same kind of solution to clean these materials include the use of additives that destroy moulds as well as other pathogenic bacteria. The price and frequency of aircon chemical wash in Singapore is undeniably the more affordable option.

An aircon chemical overhaul is more comprehensive as compared to a chemical wash. The AC specialist will clean the coils, pump, and water trays, as well as the drainage tubing, exhaust gas coils, and blower wheels. The technician inspects the whole device for any irregularities, and if any are discovered, they are corrected! The price of aircon chemical overhaul in Singapore can be more than that of aircon chemical wash.

Chemical Cleaning Price per fancoil

( Indoor Wall Mounted Type Fancoil only )

9,000BTU - 12,000BTU Capacity

18,000BTU - 24,000BTU Capacity


$180 -$240

Terms and Condition apply, call us for special price!

Scope of Work:

  • Disconnect electrical contacts and refrigerant piping
  • Dismantle of fancoil unit from wall
  • Dismantle of cooling coil and fancoil parts
  • Chemical washing of cooling coil and washable parts
  • Reassemble and reinstall of fancoil unit
  • Connect electrical contact and refirgerant piping
  • Check control and thermostats
  • Test run system


What are the benefits of having an aircon cleaning services in Singapore? Did you know that most air conditioning units have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years? However, if the air conditioner is not well handled, it may cause issues as early as five years after service. This is why you should think about getting an AC service in Singapore. Here are few additional advantages you should be aware of:

  • Clear water leak problem
  • Increase cooling with saving on electrical consumption
  • Saving on total maintenance cost
  • Prolong the life span of equipment


  • 90 days on service workmanship (on scope of service only)

Other Aircon Service


As your reliable Singapore-based aircon servicing firm, we assure that we can tend to your general aircon servicing needs such as setup, preventive maintenance, and general testing of parts and efficiency to ensure a longer lifetime and quality cooled air that is free of allergen and pleasant to breathe in.


Operating an air conditioning unit in your home or office can be both helpful and expensive. As an air conditioning service provider in Singapore, this is something we’ve found from our experience. As a result, we give our clients an option for an annual contract for air conditioning services which is a more affordable way of getting aircon servicing.



As a full-service aircon maintenance company in Singapore, checking and troubleshooting AC problems will remain at the top of our list of services. Our knowledgeable and qualified air conditioning technicians can handle the AC test to help address the problems and provide dependable solutions.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the model of your air conditioner and the type of chemical cleaning you prefer, the price for such a service may range from S$80 to S$100. Contact us for quotations.

Chemical wash for aircon can rid of bacteria and mould deeply seated in the air conditioning unit. It is a good way to clean your air conditioner for better performance.

Chemical wash involves dismantling the air conditioning unit to clean the inner parts with chemicals. A chemical overhaul is similar, only that it goes beyond the inner parts since it also cleans the drain pipes.

Chemical wash is a type of air conditioning cleaning service which uses a chemical cleaning agent to clean the condenser coils and tray. It rids of bacteria and germs from inside the unit.n for automatic turn off when not in use.

A chemical overhaul is an intensified version of chemical wash, it involves the same procedure like a chemical wash but it cleans the hard to reach areas as well as the drainage pipes which the regular chemical wash can’t reach.

Chemical cleaning for air conditioners involves the use of chemical cleaning agents to rid of sludge, biofilms, and dust particles inside the unit. It can be in the forms of chemical wash and chemical overhaul.