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Yong He Aircon Servicing Singapore

100% customer satisfaction is our top priory for Aircon Servicing. We will perform what it takes to satisfy our customers. Our focus is building a trustworthy and long term relations with our customers. We offer excellent Air Condition Repair Services and make your indoor a comfortable place. We never compromise quality while serving our customers.

Yong He Aircon – Always at Your Service!

In Singapore’s sunny climate, the air-conditioner is a powerful tool that helps us breeze through the weather.

However, as mighty as it is, every unit requires regular servicing to make it last. Simply said – take care of your air-conditioner, and it will take care of you. Yong He Aircon boasts a robust and competent team of engineers to do just that.

The complexities of an air-conditioning unit are not to be underestimated. It requires years of first-hand experience, vigorous training and knowledge to successfully handle one.

With expertise that allows us to deal with the various brands across the market, we are adept at servicing whichever company your air-conditioner belongs to.

Yes, that means even the most obscure types you never knew existed.

Be assured that our qualified technicians conform to the strictest air-conditioner servicing regulations and methods. Continuous training is seen as a key aspect to maintain our reliability and efficiency.

Hence, stringent preparations and practice are consistently carried out.

Customer service is another area of vital importance to us; we strive to make every customer experience a valuable and meaningful one. We ensure that your needs are fully taken care of and finish every task with your satisfaction and delight in mind.

Indeed, we are truly at your service.

Our Experience

Experience speaks for itself.

Behind our company are years of hard work, dedication and a fighting spirit. Our clients come from all walks of life, including residential properties, commercial properties and non-profit organisations. We are proud of our team of trained technical personnel. Every individual uses his experience and grit to keep your air-conditioners going in great shape.

Our Strengths

We command a strong fleet of service teams who venture island-wide to deliver our services and support. Each team is helmed by seasoned supervisors with relevant qualifications from reputable institutions.

Our Core Culture

At Yong He Aircon, we are guided by a few values.

Our people are our pride, and our customers our priority. We give our stakeholders the trust and respect they fully deserve.

No matter the service, professionalism and quality are two aspects displayed. Yong He Aircon’s technicians understand that they represent our company, and hence endeavor to offer outstanding technical support to all.

In addition, we know that technology advancements are the pathway to a better tomorrow.

Therefore, we seek to procure air-conditioning solutions of the future, today.


Yong He Aircon is an aircon servicing company that operates in Singapore. We offer various air conditioning services to cater to the needs of Singapore households, offices and establishments when it comes to AC. Our excellent aircon servicing includes cleaning, repair, maintenance, installation and other emergency services you can avail of 24/7. All you need to do is contact our 24 HRS hotline and our friendly staff will assist you accordingly. No matter how small, big, urgent, or not-so-urgent your AC problem is, we promise to provide the best solution.


As your trusted Singapore-based aircon servicing company, Yong He Aircon ensures that we can attend to your general aircon servicing needs such as installation, preventive assessment and general checking of parts and performance to guarantee a longer lifespan and quality chilled air that is germ-free and safe to breathe in.


Running an air conditioner in your home or office can be helpful yet expensive at the same time. This is one of the things we have learned as an aircon servicing company in Singapore. Thus, we provide a solution for more affordable aircon servicing for all our clients in the form of a yearly contract.


Your air conditioner serves as a cooling system, sometimes a warming system too, and an air filter as well. As your air conditioning unit filters the indoor air, dirt buildup forms on the filters. Our solution to this problem is our effective and affordable air conditioner chemical cleaning in Singapore.


As a full-fledged aircon servicing company in Singapore, checking and troubleshooting AC problems will always have a place on top of our list of services. Our expert and professional air conditioning technicians will be the ones to handle your AC assessment to properly address the problems and provide reliable solutions.


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