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100% customer satisfaction is our top priory for Aircon Servicing. We will perform what it takes to satisfy our customers. Our focus is building a trustworthy and long term relations with our customers.
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Aircon Servicing Singapore


As an aircon servicing company, we understand how important air conditioners are for our comfort. Air conditioners bring cool respite to the warm weather. It lessens the unbearable humidity inside your house and it helps filter the air. However, the inevitable can happen from time to time. Sometimes your reliable air conditioning unit may malfunction, undergo an electrical emergency or simply get clogged. You can count on YongHe Aircon to respond promptly to your AC repair and maintenance needs.


We are not your typical aircon repair company. We take pride in our relentless commitment to providing the best aircon repair and maintenance solutions to our clients. What we do goes above and beyond.

Other than genuine customer service, we also give you peace of mind and reassurance with our great and hard-earned credentials; proof of our dedication as an aircon servicing company in Singapore. Our reputation comes from exceeding expectations, quality products and services, relevant certifications and professionalism.


Yong He Aircon is an aircon servicing company that offers various air conditioning services to cater to the needs of households, offices and establishments. Our excellent aircon services include cleaning, repair, maintenance, installation and other emergency services available 24/7. No matter how small, big, or urgent your AC problem is, we promise to provide the best solution to it.


As your trusted Singapore-based aircon servicing company, Yong He Aircon ensures that we can attend to your general aircon servicing needs such as installation, preventive assessment and general checking of parts and performance to guarantee a longer lifespan and quality chilled air that is germ-free and safe to breathe in.


Running an air conditioner in your home or office can be helpful yet expensive at the same time. Thus, we provide a more affordable option for aircon maintenance in the form of a yearly contract.


Your air conditioner serves as a cooling system, sometimes a warming system too, and an air filter as well. As your air conditioning unit filters the indoor air, dirt buildup forms on the filters. Our solution to this problem is our effective and affordable air conditioner chemical cleaning in Singapore.


As a full-fledged aircon servicing company in Singapore, checking and troubleshooting AC problems will always have a place on top of our list of services. Our expert and professional air conditioning technicians will be the ones to handle your AC assessment to properly address the problems and provide reliable solutions.


Having the skills and adequate knowledge to perform the needed services with different brands is another criteria for being the best aircon servicing company. Thus, our pool of experienced air conditioning technicians is continuously expanding their knowledge on providing air conditioning solutions to these various brands we service.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Aircon servicing includes cleaning and inspection. The AC technician will clean the unit from filters to the coils. The servicing also includes checking the inner part of the unit to check for the thermostat and other possible issues.

Air Conditioners should be serviced once or twice a year, preferably, before and after the summer season for preventive maintenance and checkup. For cleaning service, it is advisable to be done once every three months.

Aircon servicing is a maintenance service that is necessary for your air conditioner to last longer. On average, an AC can last from 10-15 years. When not serviced, your AC may malfunction earlier.

The most air conditioners can run the whole day with an on/off function to control usage. Some air conditioners nowadays have a thermostat option for automatic turn off when not in use.

Air conditioners are designed to work even when unattended. That means that you can sleep comfortably with your air conditioner turned on.

Running your AC 24/7 is possible, however, you should consider the electric consumption when you do so as well as the frequency of maintenance service it will require.